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Originally Posted by Brighteyes
Screw unhealthy, it was 2am, i'd just spent 6 hours pulling pints and stopping fights in a fag and slag filled environment.
Fag and slag? What about the smoking ban? Young slag and slightly younger baby, perhaps, but no fags, unless you are BREAKING THE LAW.

Originally Posted by Joshi
Odd little fact I found out today (connected to unhealthy fast food), turns out that McDonalds don't actually use egg logs in their breakfast foods.

For those who don't know, an egg log (and if anyone can find me a website with adequate information of said log I'd appreciate it because Google is turning up nothing) is basically... well a log of processed egg which fast food establishments would cut up into little discs and fry them for their breakfast foods (see Clerks 2 to see it in action). Judging by the perfectly circular lumps of egg that seem to come with the McDonalds breakfast foods such as the sausage and egg mcmuffin, it would be reasonable to assume that they use such techniques.
Yeah, google was pretty fruitless. Maybe "egg log" is a really obscure term for it. To be honest though, thier special technique of cooking the egg to make it rounder could be dangerous and lethal.

Originally Posted by Joshi
Who knew, McDonalds actually cares... a little lot... about their food potential revenue.

Originally Posted by Thrik
McMuffins are definitely the epitome of fast food in my opinion. You can make those McMuffin-style eggs really easily by just microwaving them in a small plastic container (you can get them that produce pretty much the same size egg). Get some sausage meat, cheese slices, and muffins, and you can have a pretty tasty alternative should you fancy a McMuffin at, like, midnight!
There is a site which tells you how to make things like mcmuffin sandwich things and all that malarkey. The man who does it is quite annoying but it can be pretty interesting and is apparently a good source.

Originally Posted by Joshi
when I'm having a fat day...
Never. EVER. Say that again. Ever.
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