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Couple of things:

1. Dems don't have any winner-take-all states that I know of.
2. Remaining big states: Michigan, Florida, AND Pennsylvania. There's no way anyone's going to legitimately claim the nomination if those two states are not represented, and they will revote.
3. The superdelegates certainly could be waiting to see who's got the lead. It is very plausible. My theory is that Hillary Clinton is currently working in the back room to get as many as she can to narrow the gap, and will get quite a few.
4. My bad, it's 119 delegates. Barack must've gotten some from the Texas caucus. Still, that's what? 5% of the delegate count? Don't you think there's something wrong if she needs to win by 10% popular vote to shrink a 5% delegate lead to nothing? I suppose you could call it democratic, but to me it's a few fries short of a happy meal. And I think it's possible. We'll see what happens. Few people saw Obama doing what he did in say, December.
5. I'm sorry, didn't clarify the racist remark. It's something called institutional racism. It's a policy that is not necessarily designed to hurt a minority, but does. Minorities tend to be concentrated in specific districts, like blacks, hispanics, etc. I believe this is the case, because they tend to be highly concentrated in some areas, and therefore a huge turnout in a specific district can't help you, and you need to blanket it. If anything, it sure sucks up more money from the campaigns.
6. John's gonna take his $12 million and put it away for his general election campaign. Are either of the Dems going to do that? Conservatives are starting to come around to the guy, too. He'll quietly fundraise and have a lot by the time the real fireworks start.

It's going to at the least be very interesting . I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens.

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