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Yep, I'm not a fan of Barack Obama. Comes from a few things.

1. Way too much political symbolism. "Change change change change, some more change. How about some change for a change?"
2. Very inexperienced. Hasn't done much really.
3. Won't kill the bad guys. On that I'm sold.
4. Very inconsistent in foreign policy. I will explain.
A. Wants to bomb our allies (Pakistan remark).
B. Wants to strongarm Canada and Mexico unilaterally to basically end NAFTA, but apparently is "a champion of multilateralism."
C. Has stated he'd leave Iraq and then go back if there was trouble. Why wouldn't you make sure things are working right before you did that?
D. Has stated we need peace and diplomacy in numerous ads. Besides Iraq, has be paid much attention to American foreign policy lately? It's not like we're going around the world bashing in people's skulls. Then again, some would just say only Iraqi skulls.
5. Doesn't sound very original. Sounds like he's just saying whatever's "good" and "popular."
6. Crazy supporters, including the media. Then again, they aren't Ron Paul supporters, but they sure are getting close.

Is that enough for me not to like him?

Proud to be an American.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmund Burke
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