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"Randon? Can the orb stop the dragon?"

Randon thought for a moment, skimming over his brief history of the Pieces... he definatly forgot about something though wasn't sure if it was correct.

"If from what I can remember correctly, each orb contains some sort of guardian when they feel they are in tremendous danger."

At first, Randon believed it to be some kind of myth. But if it wasn't, how was it that the orb not summond its esper to protect itself when they stole it from the vault. Still, summoning could be the only option at the moment if Souvi's sword ccan't with stand the dragon.

((I feel we should further explore this cave while being chased by White Death. Kinda like any typical adventure game Don't worry, we can summon the Esper after the brief chasing. Hey Meowster, wanna take the pleasure of accidently dropping the orb down a slidding passage?))
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