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I'm going to reinstall Kotor for this!

The only thing I would change (Not because it needs it but because its an idea I liked and asked for a long time ago) is this:

Recruiting the jedi on the endar spire


I would love to see a mod that allows you to recruit the jedi on the endar spire. I could make a simple one, but it would be better if:

1. The jedi collapses after fighting Dark jedi
2. Gets up after you kill sith, then you recruit her by giving her a medpack
3. She is still weak (and can't be healed), so she follows you at a distance avoiding fights until Taris
4. she interacts in the trask/bandon cutscene, says she is to weak to fight so off trask goes to save both your lives (a jedi's life being more important than his after all, and him being such a sweetie-pie)

Then add to this she is too injured to help you on Taris, and is unconsious on a bed, is healed while you train on Dantooine and is then despatched to Tatooine. This way she could be in it from the start. Even before Carth!

But thats just me being selfish.

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