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Calinn shoved the last article of clothing into her pack, then slung it over her shoulder. Casting one last glance at the room she'd called home for all of a few short months, she checked if she'd left something. "Not that we've had much of anything," he muttered to herself ruefully. She said this not out of disappointment, but more out of resignation. She, like her fellow padawans, was eternally grateful to Kip for saving them from the Jedi Temple as younglings and she did not regret it for one moment. But she also couldn't help wanting a little bit more... stability in their lives. She understood their need to be on the run, but that didn't mean she'd have to like it.

Stepping back into the main room, she took note of everyone getting ready to go as well. She pulled her cloak from beside the door and settled it over her shoulders. Coming up next to Kip and Farran, she gave a small smile towards the younger Jedi. Calinn couldn't help worrying about her headstrong fellow Padawan, so she was glad he was back safely. Turning to Kip, she said, "I am ready, Master."
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