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D.J quickly ignited his lightsaber and rolled to the side. Barely dodging the lightning that followed.

Damn. That would have hurt. D.J ran behind one of the Falcon's land supports.

"Akira if you can speed things up do so. Because I have a large amount of lightning hitting me."

Suddenly D.J felt another wave in the force. It was dark side once more. D.J fell to his knees as he remembered


It was on Correlia when it happened. In a local Cantina D.J sat drinking yet another Kolto water. His master Zarnia was next to him. She was a female Iridonian and was slightly older then him.

Zarnia was waiting to establish contact with a local gang of thugs. They went to Correlia to stop the large amount of gang violence that had plagued the planet.

Right then a group of thugs walked towards D.J. The majority of them were Ugnauts. They recognized D.J since he was wearing Jedi robes.

"Tartian sends his regards." He said in heavy Ugnaut. The group of thugs took out an assortment of blasters and vibroblades.

At the time D.J only carried one blaster. He took it out and rolled to the side. He shot several thugs while Zarnia took her lightsaber out and cut down the Ugnaut. D.J stood up in front of the Ugnaut who was still breathing. D.J pointed his gun and to the surprise of Zarnia he fired. He killed the Ugnaut in cold blood.

"D.J why did you do that?" D.J shrugged slightly

"He would have gone back and alerted his boss. He would have sent more people here."

"But that doesn't mean you should kill him..."

The dream ended there. After the scene at the Cantina Zarnia left on another mission and didn't take him with her. Apparently sensing that if he killed again he would turn to the darkside. On that mission his master was killed. After that D.J became a Jedi Knight and stopped wearing Jedi robes...

D.J snapped out of his psyche. Feeling incredibly cold and kneeling behind the Falcon's supports.

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