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Which Free Credit Report song? The one about the crappy job, the one about the crappy car, or the one about living in her parents basement?

Umberella is pretty annoying. But then again, Rihanna does have a thing for repitition.... ("Shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.", "Please don't stop the music! music! music!")

Originally Posted by Samual Dravis
Ave! How can you possibly say you don't like the Cardigans!? I <3 Cardigans.
It just kinda annoys me. Probably the Office that did me in. Jim sang it in a falsetto in "Initiation" and it got stuck in my head for days, and I just kept singing it, and than I realized that's it's really annoying.

Also, Soulja Boy was cool the first week you knew the dance, and the first time they play it at homecoming. The second time at homecoming kinda sucks though and you're like "This is boring, I wanna whore dance again. D:" So yeah, it needs to die. hard.
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