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Originally Posted by memarik
redrob41 when is the tusken coming out? would love to play whit one..
Originally Posted by RakataDark
Patience. If he rushes it we won't like it.
Exactly right RD. I'm still diligently working away at it. I can't give any release date, since I'm putting a lot of work into this. So far I've got the 23 skins (out of 43) for armour class C, D, & E. I re-did the jacket though, because I didn't like how light the colour was in comparison to the dark sleeves of the armour textures. I also added a little bit of a cuff so that it looks like the jacket sleeve is pulled down over the shirt sleeve (second from left in screenshot). Now there isn't as much contrast.
Originally Posted by Modest Mouse
This is some quality stuff. I like how you do the torn opening on the chest on the Tuskens to reveal the armor below.
Thanks. For armour classes F, G, & H I'm going to change the shape of the back pack (I'd call it a jet pack, but it'll be non-functional in-game). There's going to be controls on the front of the harness. I'll also change the shape of the boots and gauntlets to match the standard model for each armour. So far I've got the model for class F, and the gauntlets come up higher on the sleeve to cover the cuff (left and second from right in screenshot). The boots are bigger, with a knee pad, but it's hard to see them with the long cloak.

As for going to Tatooine, this Tusken comes from a different clan than the ones in the enclave. That's why his face mask looks smaller. Sandpeople are territorial, and don't like outside clans. So, he'll still have to wear the local's clothing as a disguise.

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