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They should add,

Cloud City - Platforms
Kashyyyk - They must make an island for the TF and CIS forces and give them many tanks, just like in the movie, so they need to cross water.
Naboo - City
Naboo - Plains
Death Star
Hoth - Fight with the imperial walkers
Hoth - They must make a map were there is a fight in the bunker of the Rebels. So it wil be inf only then.
Jedi Temple
Utapau - With multiple fighting grounds above and under eachother
Industrial City (i don't know the name right now) were ki adi mundi was killed
Mos eisly
Kashyyyk - But then a fight against the wookies in their homes when order 66 has given.
Corellian gunship.
Rebel temple on alderaan.

And the space battles can be random for each planet, that doesn't really matter.
Only thing that matters then is a nice space fight

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