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Originally Posted by Kylilin
Classless? Yes. Disrespectful? Yes.

Stink bombs?! Your fellow classmates couldn't think of anything more creative that stinkbombs? That is what you should be truly ashamed of.

Was there any sort of Q&A session? I would have at least let the man speak his piece, then blast him in the Q&A.
There was a Q&A session, but the questions were written before the event, and then screened out by someone before he got on stage. The questions were asked by someone on stage. Because of the room, the Q&A would have compromised his safety. A microphone placed close to the front would have made it possible for someone to hit him with a thrown object and no one could stop him. I don't think they really wanted to let just anyone get up there and shout at him, either.

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