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iv had that problem, let me guess, your trying to enter in enablecheats=1? you have to save the ini. file to your documents, then "cut" the file and paste it in in kotor2 file. when it asks you if you want to replace swkotor2.ini, say yes. there you go

Originally Posted by Camo-Man 07
Hello all!

I'm running Windows Vista home premium and trying to run Kotor 1

I can play the game perfectly fine but when I try to edit my swkotor.ini file in my game folder it says
Cannot creat the C:\Program Flies\LucasArts\SWKotOR\swkotor.ini file.
Make sure that the path and file name are correct.

When I go ever to my old computer running XP Home it dose everything fine.

I have tried everything I can think of(even doing what it tells me ) and I can't get it to work!
Please help me out here

sorry if something like this has been posted before. But I need help
iv had that same problem on the vista, and i dont know what to do, and it says i need to update the video

Originally Posted by Padme Valentine
Hi I am new and yes i have vista.

I've installed the Kotor II and i have the some problem as most, I start it and a message says that it stopped working and windows is trying too look for a solution (not much can they do uh?) but sometimes or should i say *rarely* it starts normally i can create my character and all, but when its time to play, it crashes.

also in the hardware scan, says i need to update the video driver, which is stupid since the pc is new and everything is up to date, i also made a scan with driver detective to make sure and see if some things are not updated, well its not the issue, since it says clearly that it IS updated.

I have a:

HP pavilion dv6604nr Entertainment notebook PC
NVIDIA Geforce Go 7150m graphics

EDIT: I think i have somehow fixed it, by reading some guy's post in gamespot, he said that he disable sound and he had managed to make the game work, so he downloaded the K1 sound version and it played.

But after his game crashed because of the movies, so he disable it them, since then he has managed to play, and me too!! i hope there will be a fix for the movies though...

viva star wars!
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