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That new board died and now we have this. I was reading through this and really missed RPing and found it. And considering quite a few of the main characters are here (Psycho, Zelda, Ave) We can just pick up somewhere where we left off and control others. So who feels like continuing where we left off?

Where we left off!
-Dark rules over the merged galexies and all the dragons. However she's trying to destroy earth and particuarly, Psycho.
-Zelda has a pet dragon named Squiggy and just excaped Dark's ship.
-Psycho killed his shadow twin or whatever and has 12 blades of chaos or whatever.
-Ave and Lucas are married and she's pregnant, but deciding to fight anyway. Ave with her Psychic/jedi abilities, Lucas by her side.
-We're training to infiltrate Dark's ship and stop her once and for all, and return peace to the galactic republic.

If anyone else is in, I'm ready to rock.

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