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Xayre Ghwayrkata Prime

(Pronounced: Zare Gwarkata Prime)

A volcanic planet in same orbit path as another planet, hits the other's moon each 22 years. Populated by lizards similar to (Hork-Bajir on Animrophs, google, you wuss) and once the moon is about to hit, the lizards jump into holes in the ground and bury themselves. The orbits are so close before they hit, the animals on each planet can fly to the other planet. Xayre is covered with a reign of snow before the moon hits, and after the moon hits, an eclipse that lasts for a month comes. The huge catastrophy lasts for about two years.

Snow: 5 months
Orbits Collide: half-month
Moon and Planet Collide: 13 and a half months
Firey Death Pits of Hell on Surface: 4 months
Eclipse: 1 month

They have 20 years of good living.
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