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I agree with machinecult, if you don't want the cheats, just don't use them. Besides, I have my own ideas for the kinds of cheats available, and the ways of getting them.

1) The "I suck at this" cheat: lose the same battle 9 times on the easiest mode at easiest possible odds and a window will pop up saying, "Do you want to actually win the battle?" with Yes / No options. Selecting yes gives you loads more ammo, loads more health, higher damage shots, and a buddy following you around. This ensures that even the guys who REALLY suck at the game can, eventually, get through the game. Once you've beaten the battle that was giving you trouble, however, these go away. Selecting "No" simply lets you keep trying to win.

2) Various unlockable levels of "Shield Generator" which gives you an extra bar of "shield" health sort of like in BFII, but regenerates after a time of not getting hit. The second highest level (available after playing through a story mode on hardest difficulty) would be a quickly regenerating shield that basically makes you so tough only a rocket, lava, or an AT-AT's foot can take you down. The absolute highest level is pure invulnerability from anything and everything; swimming across rivers of lava to find hidden, amusing easter eggs would become possible with this activated - stormtrooper rock concert, anyone? You'd first catch sight of it through a sniper rifle, probably, then activate the cheat and swim on over.

3) Various unlockable levels of a "buddy" ranging from a tiny little orb used by jedi to train their lightsabers and does nothing except draw a few enemy shots away from you to a fully fledged assault droid you can ride on if you want. Again, it would be unlocked after playing through on hardest difficulty.

4) Various unlockable levels of "Ammo Packs" which give you stages from a single extra clip of everything to unlimited clips (my favorite thing to do on BFII was run around with an infinite rocket launcher & grenades and watch stormtroopers get launched by the fireworks) or even simply an endless clip (infinite ammo with no reloads required). Playing through on hardest difficulty unlocks the unlimited clips, and playing through a SECOND time on hardest would unlock the endless clip option. A separate option for vehicles would simply reduce the reload time until the endless clip becomes available.

5) Unlockable levels of "Coolant injectors" which increase the overheat times and lower cooldown times for blasters and cannons that use overheating as a limiting factor to how much you can fire them. The ultimate level (zero heat-up from firing) would be achieved the first hardest-difficulty playthrough.

6) More force energy available for a jedi's force powers, you should know the drill for the restrictions by this point.

7) More energy for actions such as running fast, jumping, etc. You know the drill.

There's probably more, but remember: the cheats are only for singleplayer or local co-op modes, and each cheat would have varying "intensities" if you will. If you're against all out unlimited ammo, but would like to have a little more ammo for that one thing you're always running out of, you can do that. If you want to turn on the impermeable armor for a brief moment to run screaming from a pursuing vehicle until it runs you down, then you can do that too. If you want to grab a sniper rifle and a jetpack, and turn on the option for unlimited jetpack fuel, and fly around sniping headshots like Fett would, then you can even do that (until you get skewered by a passing speeder).

The cheats would be unlockable, simply there for those who want them, and have varying levels for anyone who wants to use them. Even I admit that playing invincible is just no fun, but I'd like to be able to last a little longer than twelve seconds in an intense movie-like firefight before dying, and something like this would allow me to do just that. Games are made to be fun, and having cheats available in some obscure section of the in-battle options menu would allow more people to have their own kind of fun, especially the people who just want to correct the little things about the game that irritate them (such as dying TOO quickly to have fun, overheating too quickly to kill much, or just plain not being able to "blow **** up," to quote the folks at Insomniac.

Having cheats also means you can literally unwind after getting angry at someone without getting frustrated by anything. That's something I do sometimes myself, after a day of getting annoyed by preps and evil teachers, I just want to sit back, relax, and annihilate a few thousand hostiles singlehandedly. Oh, wait, if I want to do that I just play DW, nevermind. (If you know what that is, then you understand). But I digress. My fingers are getting stiff and I'm trying to eat. Peace out!
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