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Latch threw his head back and shook out his long mane of hair. "Besides," he continued, adopting a more jovial tone as the dancers swayed seductively closer, "It's the non-Imperial jobs that tend to be more fun. Remember that time we had to deliver that dance troupe of Twi'leks to Nar Shaddaa?"

Jyot's eyes twinkled. "O-h, ye-ah," he sighed. "That was an awesome job." His grin widened as reminisced while his eyes were still fixed on the dancer slowling gyrating in front of him. "They were very, erm... flexible." He glanced askance at Latch. "Accommodating, I mean. Didn't mind using the cargo bay to practice their routine in. Not at all." He sighed longlingly. "Maybe Zeek'll have something like that for us, huh? Nice, easy, babysitting come transport job for beautiful women."

He leaned forward and tipped the dancer a credit chip, before downing his drink and rising. "Guess we'd better go see 'ol Zeek and find out huh? Besides, Alec will probably be wondering where we've gone off to anyway." He shrugged. "Well... not wondering per se," he clarified, knowing that Alec knew damn well what he'd be up to, "but you know what I mean." He patted Latch on the shoulders. "So, shall we?"

It didn't take but a few minutes for the two of them to walk to Zeek's place. And outside the door, a very disgrunted-looking Cathar was arguing with the guard.

"I know exactly who blew up my ship. If you'd just let me go in there and let me speak to Zeek..."

"Zeek has given strict lines of conduct to all mercenaries and bounty hunters on this station. Nobody, and that is nobody, is to feel threathened here. And you know it just as well as any, Jhamrok. Now, if you want a bounty, I can be of service and let you in, but I won't let you in just because you want his blessing on a station patron being killed."

Jyot nudged Latch with his elbow as the Cathar growled. "Yup," he commented aloud. "Bounty hunting is one thing, assassinations... something completely different." He smiled at the guard. "Hey, Harvey," he said casually. "How's it hangin?"

"Good, Jyot," the guard replied in kind. "Been a while since I've seen you. Business been good?"

"Not as good as it could be," Jyot replied. "Last job was, in a word, bad. In a few words, it was really, really, really bad. We lost our medic and a gunner." He paused. "And our net profit was like... negative 3000."

The guard winced. "Ooh, ouch."

"Yeah. Zeek in?"

The guard looked at the Cathar again, then nodded at Jyot. "For 'non-threatening' friends, he's in."

Jyot exchanged a look with Latch, who gave him a little nod. "I dunno, Harvey. If I were you, I'd be inclined to let him in," he said, looking the Cathar over. "He looks 'friendly' enough to me. I mean, he hasn't drawn any of his weapons yet, has he? That's got to count for something in the area of self-control, right?" He motioned to the door. "So, can we...?"

"Oh! Sure, yeah. Go right in," the guard said to Jyot and Latch.

"Him, too?" Jyot asked, thumbing at the Cathar.

The guard frowned, but after a moment of thought, nodded. "Just you remember what I said, Jhamrok," he reminded.

The three of them entered into Zeek's establishment.

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