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A hottie is a term used by some men to describe women they find physically attractive, it isnt a food. She informed shaking her head slowly.


Dianne looked down at the heart shaped cookie and then back up at Ishi No the Cookie is an example. She explained. Its so men will buy this cookie and give it to there loved one with their name on it Its suppose to be romantic, although if you ask me its just tacky.

Ishi thought a moment, then nodded as if understanding. "Marketing technique," she said, but then frowned. "So, Dianne, are you saying that sharing food isn't a part of the dynamics of the human pair-bonding experience? Or are you saying that you personally don't specifically approve the use of giant chocolate chips cookies in that respect?"

Ishi eyed Dianne critically. "Because I was under the impression that most females of your species enjoyed meals as part of the pair-bonding ritual--candlelight dinners, boxes of chocolate confectionaries, and all the articles I've read about how unusual, but highly desireable, for females to have a male suitor that could use food preparation equipment. Have I misinterpreted the information? If so, I would gladly like some tuition in that area, as it seems that everything you humans do revolves around the issue in some way or another. It's very important that we... I undersand this. Otherwise," Ishi leaned in closer to Dianne to speak in a lower tone, "I fear there might be other social 'mistakes' that we will make that will give us away. Especially if Hunters might well be searching for us."

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