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I have to make comment on the architecture, its design. I think this is of the major things people will judge JK2 on. Many people seem to love JK's multilayered verticality, fighting on many levels. I can understand this (even if I think JK's level design was average, CO may have levels but it was still shoddy).

As StormHammer said, it is quite big, and the city looks very nice (I'm talking about design, not texture). If you are able to actually get to those bridge it would be good, especially if they had things like that in MP. In JK you could have seprate battles going on but they were never really "seperate", only 3 seconds of force speed away. If we have maps that size the possiblities are huge, imagine running into that area to see the distant flashes of sabers colliding as two Jedi duel on one of the bridges, while on the ground someone somwehere has a crosshair over you and your first clue is a flurry of blasts that you quickly try to avoid while similtaniously working out where they are coming from.

I dont know what everyone else thinks but this is the kind of multi-faceted, vertically layered, very expansive levels I want to see in JK2.

Edit: Also I think that in that scan it is a "chain gun looking" heavy weapon, or perhaps the flechette gun, not the bryar. I thinks it looks similar because it has coils around it similar to the look of the bryar (only scaled up). If you examine its end it has more than one barrel like a spinning minigun. I doubt it is the bryar.

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