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KT GFFEditor problem (please help)

I new and i can't seem to be able get the GFF editor to work in kotor tool, i downloaded kgff but it still dosnet do anything there is an error message that pops up in kt everytime that says
says " error lauching GFFEditor
is it in the same directory as this program? "

here is whaT I'M DOING just in case it's me but i just redid it to make sure i'm not messing up:
i go computer>C>Programfiles>KotORTool>
then i move the kgff in there the i rename it "GFFEditor.exe" then i start up kt and test it on 001ebo.git(42409) and it always pops up with the error messages that i printed above.

Edit: i'm sorry if this sounds like i'm whining at people to help me but all i want is for this to work so i can start making things and become a contributor aswell, then everyone can appriciate the ideas i have, cause i hate taking and using mods without trying to create and share with people, so if someone could help me figure out whats wrong with my kt i'd really appriciated it.
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