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To me it looks like an 'enhanced Mega repeater' like the one I picked up in one of the JKORS levels.

Which is to say less a _rotary_ weapon than a pepperbox style firecracker.

Completely worthless piece of junk that didn't fire far enough to matter and scattered like crazy besides.

OTOH, the definitions of weapons should be better used, if only to make the game designers realize we aren't exactly thrilled with their renditions-

Linear Action:
Back and Forth reciprocation on a gas or blowback (recoil spring) driven bolt. Firing Rate is set by the the strength of the bolt spring and the gas peak-to-bleed pressures between rounds. Barrel is usually single per action though actions may be doubled. ROF depends on caliber but seldom exceeds 1,200, cyclic.

Chain Gun:
Weapon Breach runs on a block that goes 'round and 'round attached to a chainlink in a recessed track like a bicycle or garage door opener. Speed is set by the loop speed in closing and opening the bolt to accept new rounds. Barrel is single. Ex: AH-64 and M2 Bradley weapons. ROF is anywhere from 1-2 to about 750.

Weapon has multiple barrels, each with it's own bolt/receiver assembly, which are spun from behind using hydraulic or electric power.

It takes a minimum 1-2hp to do so, at 'impressive' rates, even in rifle caliber. This means a lot of juice and short man-carry firing times in our world.

Weapon loads/unloads and fires in a cam controlled sequence from a common feed which is also often powered and very frequently 2-3 times the size and weight of the gun itself.

Allows high to very high ROF (GAU-19/GECAL-50 in six barrel mode does 8,000rpm) because no single barrel is firing more than 1/3-1/7th of the time to suffer gas erosion and thermal expansion.

Torque is a beach of another sand, as is base-weight and in the (very) few 'hand held' variants, a large _vertical_ handle is used to 'hold down' the fire as a streaming saturation effect rather than truly 'steer' it as an aimed effect.

In any case, _barrels must be kept unjacketed to allow cooling_ in static use. And no, I don't care what force mode you use, you can't run fast enough to cool down a gat.

Weapon has single barrel with multiple chambers that function as a gatlings do but which are ROF constrained by barrel wear. The F-5 and many European guns (Mirage and Eurofighter among others) are all Revolvers.

ROF is 1,200 and up to the limit of the barrel wear or about 2,700rpm.

Multiple barrels, firing all at once or in sequence. Common on derringers but also a few full scale Machine Guns (including the very first). Original design can be traced to Leonardo Da Vinci IIRR.

ROF varies by design but is capable of 'instantaneous' to the total barrel count.

It just bites my butt that these game designers apply such overblown titles to weapons that not only DON'T WORK but don't look very good as failures.

I mean if you want interesting, 'new', looking guns put a little effort into it!

The 'gatling' (rotary) goes back at least to Doom (and IRL: Project Vulcan of about 1947) and is completely out of style for an energy repeater in the SW universe IMO.

The only thing that comes close to looking like a rotary is one of the side mounts on the ATST and it has never been seen to fire (so it could be anything, including a sensor).

If you want a neat looking weapon that (_at it's lightest_) doesn't weigh about 230lbs with battery and ammo, try making something modelled on say the Gast principle (double barrel, one side fires to cock and load the other).

Feed it from an overhead longitudinal or banana clip magazine (ala G-11 or Bren) to keep the overall firepower:length ratio short enough to allow SHOULDER aiming.

Speaking of which, nobody with an ounce of training fires ANY autoweapon 'from the hip'.

Even in assault mode with anything from Uzis to M-60/M-249 you ALWAYS bring out the stock and put the bulletline to the sightline at your highest-eye rest point which is naturally along the arm to the shoulder.

It is the same as F1 switching between 'held like a pistol in front' vs. 'held like an idiot' from external-side.

Accuracy just goes straight to hell if you don't adopt a proper firing stance (snicker, why do you think the Imps miss so much, hmmmm??;-) and the SW guns simply don't fire fast enough, with enough lethality, to make up the difference in 'walking on the tracer' strafe mode.

IMO, Kurt Plummer
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