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Originally Posted by kotorfan84
IMO, a Knights of the old republic game probably won't happen. Just looking at development time, unless the game is being made now, it could take around 3 years to be made. It took about 2 years to make KOTOR 2, but that was using the same engine as the previous enstallment.

If they were to start making the game now, I predict the game wouldn't be ready till Christmas 2011 or so which is 7 years after the last game and there will be very little intrest in the continuation of the story. While star wars is an established brand, KOTOR wasn't established enough to survive a 7 year layoff like a series like Duke Nukem (which isn't story driven, unlike KOTOR).

So what I want to know is what you guys think is most likely to happen with the series (we all want a third installment, but it really isn't the most likely scenario).
Lol... I am very late to this post.

I happen to agree with you on some level. If you think about how much time has passed, I believe that LA will make a whole new "KotOR" story. Instead of revisiting the past, I think they will consider the series done.

However, at the core of my thoughts on a "KotOR III", I do not think that it will be made. I think they will stick to novels and comics.

I personally believe that "KotOR III" is dead before production.

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