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The Jedi looked at those he came to think of his Padawans, he was proud of the young men and women they had become over the past ten years, even of Farran in a strange way. He knew the frustration he must cause each of them with this constant life on the move they had been to over thirty worlds from the core to the outer rim since the day of the Jedi purge. For the most part the Empire had never caught on too who they were, like Farran had said it was hard to explain why a young man travelled with 6 Children, two of which weren’t human, but he always seemed to manage.

Once again he had them moving on too yet another world, but yet again Kip didn’t actually know where they were going to go. For the most part the Group travelled to planets with high refugee traffic caused by the Clone War, but over the years this traffic became virtually gone.

“If everyone is ready, we’ll head to the space port.” Kip informed looking to make sure everyone was around.
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