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Originally Posted by Cliche
Perhaps this should be under the 'glitches' sticky, but I wasn't sure it would get noticed there. In any case, I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with missing or lost figments. Even after consulting various 'figment guides', there's one in the Milkman Conspiracy that simply isn't there. I've also noticed that after finding all the figments in The Race, two of them have vanished from my inventory and can no longer be found on the course.

I no longer have saves that would return me to the start of these scenes. Other than replaying the game from the start, is there a way to 'reboot' the figments in order to get a complete score? Thanks!
Figment guides are tricky, because some of the figments are in different places depending on which system Psychonauts is played on. Be sure to use guides for your system. More than one guide, as two location descriptions sometimes work better than one.

Syonyx walkthrough for the PS2 is excellent, but Syonyx' Figment guide is for the PC. That messed me up for a long time once in Black Velvetopia, looking for a missing figment in the wrong place.

There's no way to reset figments, but the figments in Milla's race are a nightmare to find. I've collected them without seeing them first while walking Raz around looking for them, when I knew what I was looking for and where to look.

What's your system and what are the coordinates of the missing figment in the Milkman Conspiracy?

If figments vanished from Raz' inventory then that's a first. The only workaround is beating all the levels of the punching game in Basic Braining in one go. That raises Raz' rank by one.
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