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Pricing for the GeForce 9800GX2 revealed

well, it now looks like the GF9800 GX2 is going to be a bust. i mean, come on, the MSRP is at $599, and you had better not think that the figure isn't going to get larger when the manufacturers start adding in OC'd versions, exotic cooling, etc. and to top it off, performance is only slightly better than the R3870X2 which can be had for about $450. heck, you could probably get a 3870 and a 3870X2 for the same price and get much better performance.

IMHO, the 9800GX2 is looking to be more and more of a debacle for Nvidia. their only saving grace is the 9600 which is just slightly worse than the 8800GT in performance and costs about the same as a R3850. for now, i'm standing by my prediction that the upcoming R770 launch from AMD is going to put them ahead for the first time since the days of the 9700 Pro and the FX5700 Ultra.

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