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How can one little pub be responsible for nearly 2 million acres of rainforests being cut down every year? Were they shaking the rain into their glasses and eating the bark? Maybe they needed extra room for a patio so they cut down some trees? Whatever the reason, there is no way they cut down that many rainforests a day. And besides, trees grow back. It's not like wood doesn't grow on trees for christ's sake.
I don't think deforestation and all that is as big a problem it's made out to be. I haven't read up much on this but it doesn't add up that "milloins of treez r cut down evry day and ppl r dying from it". Maybe it's a little bit of a problem, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. People swallow anything that's fed to them but they shouldn't, they should be questioning everything and saying "hang on a minute this tastes weird", thinking about just how much forest there is in the world and how fast it would all be gone if this is all true and how if the ice is already in the water, melting it wont do **** to our sea levels. Careful what you eat.
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