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Ice melting will affect us, yeah, but it wont raise the sea levels, I'm surprised how so many people can't see how that is bull****. Just think about it for a minute. The ice is already in the water, which means melting it would just mean... less ice. Not more water. Less ice. I know I'm not going to miss that ice, and I also know that the sea isn't coming knocking at my door any time soon. As for the weather changes, I could do with a tan and a good snowball fight wouldn't hurt either.

If you still don't believe me, fill a measuring jug to a certain amount and pop a few ice cubes in there. Take note of where the water level sits on the little numbery bit on the side (make sure to do this part after you put the ice in to avoid water displacement confusion). Leave it for a bit, let the ice melt. When you come back, you'll see that the water level is still the same as it was before the ice melted. The ice caps melting will do **** all to our sea levels. Fact.

Also, I know this sounds really stupid (and it is) but if we get rid of loads of species that we have never seen before... well it won't matter that much will it? It's like crying over spilling some undiscovered liquid. Drinking it could have put hairs on your chest and gold on your teeth but it didn't and now it's all gone so you may as well bugger off and have a sandwich. Just being a blind optimist.

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