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I'm playing on a PC and have cross-referenced guides by IUG13, LeMelass and Syonyx.
(IUG13 is the only one I could find which states it was based on the PC version) The guides all seem pretty similar when it comes to location, but use different numbering systems. Here's my problem figments:

Milkman Conspiracy: Page 4, 1st row, 5th across - apparently an antenna atop a house
after the first leap to a new street. One guide calls this figment
#77. It has a rank of 3.
Never been able to locate this one.

The Race: Page 2, bottom row, 4th across - a star halfway through the course near a
booster. #46, rank 1.
Page 4, 2nd row, 4th across - go-go girl near one of the giant shoes.
#81, rank 1.
Could swear I found these, but I'm worried I jumped to an earlier save
where I hadn't, and now the game both thinks I've found them and haven't.
In any case, the figments are no longer on the course and I've already
walked through it several times as Jove suggested. Thanks again!
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