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^ Drivers could still be their saving grace though, and full-AA Crysis benchies as it seems to be a weak spot for Ati cards there...But I agree, at that price point you'd expect the GX2 to blow everything else out the water, with at least a 20-25% increase in performance over its closest follower, as it is the difference in price...

OCZ goes sci-fi with commercial brain controller
^ lolz, ain't no way I'm putting that on my head for $300

Intel wants some integrated GPU action!
^ But will probably get none as AMD totally pwns this chipset, and if they can just throw us some good CPUs in as well they might start their long road back to the top again
Intel getting beaten by AMD? Oh dear, let's hope there's more of that to come...

AMD sticks new chipset in "Puma" laptop and pwns Intel (again, lolz)
^ Good to see them translating that awesomeness into laptops as well, and if it's decently priced they'll definitely have a winner on their hands.

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