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I read this the other day on bit-tech
So, given that G94 uses the same technology as G92 just with less of it, you're probably wondering why the GeForce 9600 GT isn't a part of a the GeForce 8-series? The good thing is that this was a question that was on our minds too and, after talking with Ujesh Desai, General Manager for GeForce graphics, at the CES Editor's Day, we were told that the reason was because the G92-based products should have been a part of the GeForce 9-series the reason they weren't was simply down to timing.

He explained that if Nvidia had launched the GeForce 8800 GT and GeForce 8800 GTS 512 into the GeForce 9-series, it would have killed a large portion of its Q4 sales on products in the GeForce 8-series not that this didn't happen anyway, since there is very little else worth considering...
So I guess this means the rumors of the 8800 GT getting some clock speed boosts and getting rebadged as 9800 GT will likely turn out to be true.

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