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good times

i remember the mots era , like the poster said, best gaming days.. best gaming days ill ever have anyway. i remember it all, the dramas, the clans.. new bartender vs yg and nbk 24/7, the whole icequeens move from ootcs to nbk and the sturs is made thru the community..the good goes to the darkside type deal. i remember the whole zappo and his fish stuff, still to this day.. was the guy with the fish for real. gds britsh boy rising from the sdk clan and gaining a little respect, xmens_rouge and spacechk fights, xmens_rouges nose being big, bee and his many alias's, was he or wasnt he dik, 2cool being banned, 2cools site being taken down by there host for rasist material, +bromide, jots_allies being a jackass, carnage and moose drinking in the lobby all night, devildog - nuffsaid, great times, all of it... i remember to much for my own good, but its funny how these things stick with you, it just shows that for me, those really were some of the best times and the best community gaming years i have had and probably will have..and its 10 years gone.
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