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Knights of the Old Republic Era: Level of Technology

I was reading the KotoR page on Wookieepedia and saw this:

Originally Posted by Wookieepedia
Set shortly after the Tales of the Jedi comic books from Dark Horse, BioWare designed the game around this little-documented period in order to have more conceptual and artistic freedom. [...] while the Tales of the Jedi series shows the Galactic civilization to have an archaic retro-like aesthetic and technology (semi-organic skeletal ships with wings and membranes, stone buildings, etc.) the Knights of the Old Republic is more space-like and futuristic, yet the interval between them is only a few decades. One example of these changes was the use of navcomps and blasters in place of the hyperspace beacons and pulse-wave blasters of the Tales of the Jedi setting, suggesting some fairly fundamental technological improvements between 4,000 BBY and 3,956 BBY. The redudancy of the hyperspace beacons in particular would have dramatically reshaped the astrographic and strategic realities for space travel in the galaxy.
What do you think about this? Do you wish they had used the more archaic setting in the game? Do you think it's plausible to assume that much technological advancement took place in so little time, or do you think there should be a retcon?

Personally, I think the level of technology in the Tales of the Jedi comics is more plausible, because I would expect there to be a gradual progression of technology over the years - I don't think it's even possible for it to have happened all at once. I know it's all because of real-world stuff (different people made the comics and the game), but I wish there was a way for this to be reconciled.

Eager to hear your thoughts!

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