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Dar Kresh slowly walked inside the Coronet Spaceport. His trench coat flapping around as he walked. He walked past a nearby officer flashing his Cor-Sec badge.

Dar was excited to do his first case since he transfered to the Smuggling division. It was always a good feeling. Dar was still considered a rookie even though he was a detective now.

Dar looked around at the scene of the crime then walked inside the Security division after flashing his badge yet again at another officer. Dar's DL-22 was moving around in his coat pocket. It remained inconspicuous however which was what he cared about.

"Small-time Coruscanti street thug hauling this much glitterstim? If he's working alone, then I'm a hutt." He slowly heard as he walked inside. Dar looked around at the other detectives. Most of them were from the smuggling division just like himself.

"Afternoon." He said through his mechanical breather. He looked down at the monitor with the human sitting at a solitary table. Ready to be interrogated. Dar was okay at interrogation but still failed a few exams in the Cor-Sec academy.

"So who's interrogating him? We got to find out who supplied him." He asked sitting down at a nearby chair. Dar recognized Joran Dronal another detective he saw around the academy. Though he graduated above him. Dar stared at the monitor. Hoping to think of an answer before a detective interrogated him.

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