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Sorry, I seem to have neglected this forum lately.

Originally Posted by YertyL
- Speed up all ship speeds by a factor of perhaps 1,5 - 2.
Well, as much as I am using XW values, I've been thus far unable to convert the MGLT into a real-world unit or otherwise give a decent guess as to what units EaW uses in terms of speed. So the actual values are a bit arbitrary, but were scaled against known fighter speeds from vanilla. So I guess with that being said, I feel that increasing the factor would devalue speed upgrades and require a lot of work in conversion besides, so I don't see this happening in the near future.

Originally Posted by YertyL
- I still have that problem with "redundant" ships, i.e. ships that can be researched but already posess a counterpart with an almost identical role in combat.
I'm somewhat handicapped by the engine on this in that while I do want the mod to be a simulator of sorts, you probably shouldn't need to have access to all of the ships at once. In an ideal situation, you would be able to pick a deck ala AOE3 that gave you your starting unit technologies and then allowed you to research additional ship types as the game progressed, with the better ones coming as you advanced your "home city", but that's entirely out of the question for a mod. So my goal at this point is to rework some of the redundant upgrade trees such that they're able to meaningfully diverge. But finding out which ones players don't find as useful will help me determine where to focus my attention.

Originally Posted by YertyL
- I know I already brought this up, but I still do not understand .. why do Rebels and Empire need to be as identical as possible???
They don't have to be in the future, but like you said, it's a massive balance undertaking. Surely you would have to agree that the mod is better off balanced with similar factions than unbalanced with more unique factions, because I'm sure I could've done that too.
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