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Originally Posted by urluckyday
^Perhaps...however, in a sequel, the first's legacy can be tarnished (maybe not in everyone's minds, but others may think differently)...I'd rather they let Tim Schafer do it, or no one do it at all...I'm fine with playing it over and over again b/c it never will get old for me...
I understand. But what I want is not another Manny story. That would ruin it. He's gone somewhere we cannot follow. But I like this game so much I just want something new to do with it, something to anticipate, something to look forward to. Hell, even a comic book or something would be acceptable. It holds a lot of fond memories to many players and I believe that something to break the silence would be a real treat. Especially as this is hailed as one of the best games ever made. I ask you, in what sane world is a game as good as this ignored? As though it never happened.
Even a special edition or something! It doesn't matter! Just give us something!
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