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Originally Posted by Fealiks
Regardless of whether the ice is submerged or not, it's still in the water. When the ice melts, you aren't adding more water so why should the level of the water change?
For the love of Benji... fill a bath, put self into bath, notice how when you're not fully submerged, you're still in the water, now slowly submerge yourself and watch the water level rise, this is how displacement works. Ice is exactly the same, if there is ice above the water level, it is not displacing any of the water it is floating in, and thus when it melts, it all melts, so that above the water is adding to the water it is floating in. Ask a science teacher...

As for that cure for cancer, I'm sure you'll feel the same way should you be diagnosed with some kind of cancer.

Seaturtle, water expands when frozen so it would take up less space when melted, but you may be thinking of surface area.

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