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The figments in Milla's Race are trickier than in other levels because (to me, at least) they seem to be more transparent or fade in and out (a slow pulse) whereas most figments in other levels don't fade in or out at all. And there are a couple figments that were placed by the evil genius game makers where they tend to blend in to the background (being a similar color). You almost have to be right in front of them before you can see them.
Every big shoe in the race has a figment in the arch which is easy to check. The last shoe has a a small line of figments (stars?) leading to the arch that has a figment in it. I can't recall if it's the go-go girl figment in the arch but I'm thinking it is.
There is one solitary go-go girl figment out in the middle of nowhere during the race (meaning it's not near anything). It's very hard to find...I think it's at about a fifth of the way through the race right in the center of the track.
Stars are usually found in a line. Meaning if you hit one, there's usually going to more to follow. When you hit one, immediately stop/get off your levitation ball. Look behind you to see if you may have missed any. Then turn forward and walk ahead through each star. And there are some stars at the very top of the ramps. I usually walk up to the top of the ramps, turn on Levitation and bounce straight up to get it.

As for The Milkman Conspiracy, not all antennas are on the very top portion of the roof. Some can be found on a smaller roof portion above the garage doors. They can be easy to miss.
There could be another solution for this one figment. Most of the houses have a simple box shape of a backyard. Some will have an "L" shape with the leg of the "L" portion usually holding patio furniture. There is only one house in the entire level that has a small area (like a mini "L") in the backyard to one side hiding a figment. With this one house, this little leg of the "L" portion is on the opposite side of the house where you usually find patio furniture. It's hard to see because when you get Raz over to it, the camera view is sometimes blocked by the curvyness of the next door house. I believe the figment on this little side portion is an antenna/satellite dish.
Good luck.
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