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Originally Posted by urluckyday
I know, I can't wait...I think that's the ONE.
I know Im going to sound like a sour ole basted but do you really need a lappie? Is portability a huge issue? Speaking purely from experience(I had a Toshiba Satteliite 5200 which was awesome back in its day!!)

1. The cost, damn Can build a damn fine deskie for the cost of a higher end gaming ready lappie.

2. Important bits not upgradeable.. Driver support for Mobile GPUs is woeful! Watch the deskie world go through 50 revisions and you get a handful if youre lucky

3. Heat! Heat! Heat! It was lucky I had a 3 year warranty on it as I thrashed it so hard it needed to have the drive replaced twice and the CPU once, simply from being overcooked.

If you do decide to go with it, please get yourself a cooling pad, if you're the heavy use type.


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