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Obviously, nobody is perfect so it seems what is more important is how you deal with those imperfections. I always have thought the whole thing with Jedi becoming monks and trying to act and reason without emotion or bias was a recipe for disaster. We are made with emotions and the capacity to love.

I think Aratoeldar's comment that the ends never justify the means is appropriate since we are discussing which individuals would be good to emulate and morality is a definite aspect of a good role model. At the same time, within just limits, killing may be appropriate. Such as capitol punishment for a murderer or an adulterer should the primary victim (the wronged spouse) wish for that sanction to be executed against the criminals. (Here I wish to point out that I TOTALLY disagree with Bastila's line 'No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes') See Gary North's Tools of Dominion, great work on justice and the like.

Revan, hmm, how could a darksider who thinks civil war is the best way to prepare his government for a massive attack of some sort be considered a good role model morally? Yes we all know Revan can beat more than half the chaps of his time to a pulp but then, so could Vader. Should Revan have become a hero after he regained all his memories before the duel with Malak (New Essential Chronology, to you lazy check his Wookipedia article) the new see a classic, albeit convoluted and secularized, story of redemption.

I agree with those who say Carth would be a fairly good role model. Loyalty to people and government is a very commendable virtue, provided the government is not evil. He seemed to love his family very much. He also shows he’s no heartless creep in the KotOR comics. Vigilante ‘justice’ may not be his most admirable trait however.

As I said above I think the Jedi philosophy (in fact all Star Wars, Cosmic/Secular humanist philosophies) are skewed. So I think Bindo has some points there, it is possible to love selflessly, and the Jedi (In my opinion all human based worldviews) are lacking in something fundamental to how sentients work. Of course, Jolee didn’t think that way, but still, the chap is leaning closer to the right direction than, say, Vrook, Juhani, Vandar, Krynda, Yoda, and…*snap snap* Come on guys, who am I forgetting?

If you consider Brianna to have betrayed her oaths to her rightful mistress, then, yes 'tis a very unheroic sort of action. On the other hand I would like to point out that Atris was a hypocritical Sith who's 'Jedi control' theory was hogwash and who had lost all touch with real moral principle, shut up while the Galaxy was dying. To rebel against an unjust, immoral, and or villainous form of oppression (yes, with violence if truly unavoidable) is the duty of a good and decent individual. At the same time, she could have been a better sport when Visas came into the picture (in fact you can get her to give you the silent treatment for the duration of the game if you play your cards right) and her feelings for Exile were a tad…strange to say the least. Still, she is one of the slightly more morally upstanding people in The Sith Lords, particularly when compared with the rest of the Hawk’s crew. But I don’t wish to get into the ‘who’s better than who’ mess any more than I have.

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