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Just take a casual glance at a listing of Half-Life servers and you'll see that linux is not the domainant operating system for dedicated servers. That would be obvious to even the casual gamer.

I choose not to use linux, not because I dont understand it, but because I know it doesn't represent an improvement over Win98se, for what I want to do with my server.

I might try linux instead of win2k some time, simply because of cost. The downside of course is extremely limited linux compatibility with the existing base of PC games. Again, win98se works just fine though, as a server.

The claim that linux is somehow 'unavailable' doesn't hold water. It's a free operating system. Anyone can get it from the web 24/7.

If linux were really 'superior,' the word would have gotten out by now and sys admins around the world would have jumped on the linux bandwagon.

Actually, why should someone learn about .cshrc files, chmod, chgrp, chown, su, ps, ln, tarring, and other admin commands if all they want to do is host a decent server with minimal effort? I know it isn't hard to learn these commands, but I also know it's just simply easier to use a (windows) GUI to set up a server. I am guessing that many people just aren't interested in learning unix system administration, when they really just want to host and play games.

I suppose they could just use KDE but that still will not allow you to avoid the need to learn at least a few basic unix commands.


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