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Originally Posted by Qliveur
I smell an opportunity for AMD to pull ahead with R7xx if they learned from mistakes made with R6xx. We all know that they can do it.

AMD so desperately needs a win.

EDIT -3/14/08: Well, this is a start, but I have my doubts as to whether Phenom will ever be competitive with C2D, even with the TLB bug fixed.
Even if they pull almost even, with competitive pricing, will still do well. The CPU ceiling seen in benchies is here to stay until games are quad and x64 optimised> ie. another 2 years at least... add to that 2 year formula, enough time for bluray to become standard kit and all the ingredients will be there.

Of course by then, the current hardware configs might be thrown out the window(no pun intended) if the awesome idea of CnGPUs take off. I relish the day when discrete graphics cards will be no longer. All our pcs will look like funky gaming consoles


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