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Did a little test tonight. Ran counter strike and then updated my server list, and counted how many linux, and how many windows. ( This is cs only, it doesn't include any other mods)

The Results:

Total : 10280
Linux : 5988
Windows : 4292

(Note that when I updated it actually counted 12406 servers but only came up with a list of 10280. This proves that this method is not extremely scientific, and only general patterns may be discerned from it. I'm also assuming that the halflife browser is accurate in discerning which is Linux and which is windows.)

So that means that just over half of all the counter strike servers are running on some form of unix. You can possibly also cull out another hundred or so windows servers that are not dedicated, and are running in listen mode.

So that is a lot of servers that would not be around if there was no Linux server for cs, noting that most of the people who are running these servers would not be running a windows server in it's place if no linux server existed, for whatever reason ( I really don't want to start a linux vs windows flame war here, if you really want that then there a plenty of other forums, mailing lists, newsgroups that seem to cover this extensively).

This is not the sort of thing I want to see for Jedi Outcast, a lack of dedicated servers because windows is the only available platform. Note also that I am not talking about a linux client, the market for that is extremely small at the moment, and unlikely to improve in a hurry.

I guess some Official response is what I'm really looking for.
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