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Not all the halflife mods have linux servers released for them. So including any of them would skew the ( unscientific )statistics. Therefore i chose one ( the most popular one ).

I have yet to see any statistics that prove otherwise, from anyone arguing that windows is more common than linux ( regarding dedicated servers )
Yes I'm short 2000 servers why the refresh lost them I do not know.

I agree it's only half the picture, so why did it take a week and another post from me before anyone disputed it. Half a picture is better than no picture at all.

Oh and I never said that Volition never released a dedicated server, but they have never released a Linux Dedicated server ( and I doubt ever will). I have to admit that their Red Faction server runs very smoothly. However as Windows I'll be running it Lan only, a pity considering I have a dual PIII that I admin sitting on the net.

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