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Ciannait was seated in the tavern when the Centaur entered, and her eyes widened just slightly. Though she knew what Centaurs were by description, even in just over a hundred and twenty years, she had not seen one with her own eyes until that very moment. Out of respect for the noble, intelligent being, she inclined her head downward slightly, though her eyes never once left his. Then, with all due respect shown to him, she returned to her drink and glanced around the tavern. Her mark had not yet arrived.

For that was the only reason Cia visited such places; she had little use for drinking and there were far better places to find food. No, the only think a tavern was useful for was to meet with the sort of unscrupulous folk who wanted what others had... or those who had what others wanted. Cia's purpose here was the latter. And she hoped he wouldn't be late... with a glance outside, she hoped he wouldn't be very late.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Radek entered the tavern with a weary sigh, for he had been traveling long. His horse was put up well in the stable and now the man had decided it was time to take care of himself. And first on the list was a drink. Once the drink was in hand, he took a moment to look around... and did a double-take at the Centaur. A slow grin came to his face and he moved to sit across from Skarra.

"It's been... quite some time, Skarra," he said by way of greeting.

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