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Travelling from Scarshold on horseback is always a bittersweet experience, especially when it is not your choice. Curudir, however, had business to attend to in Stonehaven, seeking to find those who burned his home to the ground so many years ago. Knowing he could not make it to Stonehaven in a single night, he decided to stay that inn in Kolirum-Masaar. After purchasing a room for the night, he went to the local tavern, and ordered a glass of dwarven ale. He watched as the Centaur entered the tavern. "One such as you is a rare sight these days, isn't it?" He said to him. "What brings you to Kolirum-Masaar?"

~Hmm...up until this post, I had some pretty high hopes for this RP. Let's watch the length, shall we, Alkonium? ^.^ Gracias. ~ FFWM

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