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S' people like you Fealiks that keep me in a job, teaching those too lazy to look past the end of their garden path. ****in hell man, theres alot of good to come from curing people from whatever ails them ie: cancer. But if those people with cancer havent got anything to live on ie: the earth cos we destroyed it using all our spare time to cure the population that is pulling the provebial rug from underneath it's own feet, then whats the point.
Heres a speculation for ya: If world poverty was ended would the planet cope? Probably not, if death and disease were decreased would our planet survive? Death is a part of the life cycle and we spend all our time attempting to prevent it. You ain't gonna die, you just won't be human anymore (no offence to hinduism/buddhism etc).
BUT when the way we live detroys the very thing that gave us life
(b4 you say it fealiks im not talking about your parents) then we've got to do some drastic re-modelling of society which could start with small things like not eating at unsustainable franchises and more importantly "Learn and attempt to understand what keeps you alive and how it should be treated" and please i know your young but it's bloody important.

PS: Thanks for knowing your stuff guys theres alot of people out thee that work bloody hard for ridiculously low pay and at the sacrifice of the lifestyle they'd like just to help the population realise whats going on out there. Its real encouraging to know some peeps are finding it out on their own. Means alot.
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