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Vex hated towns, though disliked would be a better word. It wasn’t the amount of people, the amount of noise, or the constant stagnant smell that bothered him so, though they were factors, but it was the lack of space so to speak. No room for Raptor to run and no room to practice magic or swordsmanship. But it wasn’t something that bothered Vex so immensely that he avoided towns altogether, it was more of a factor that made him avoid towns unless absolutely necessary, the necessity now being supplies and a job. Nevertheless, Raptor was still ticked that Vex had brought both of them in and showed this by staring down any poor bystander who though to glance at her for a moment and when no one was looking at her, Vex. Not fun, considering she never blinked and was all too silent for something as large as she was, standing at seven feet in height. Luckily, for the sake of both their minds, this place was neither very crowded as one might expect from a trading town or as assaulting on the noise.

Upon entering the tavern, Vex was pleased to see not many were about and he could feel Raptor’s stare easing on the back of his head. Normally, she wouldn’t be allowed to follow. But with a Centaur, who was as large as she was sitting at the table, she took this as an exception and followed him in straight to the bar.

“Two ales please, ” Vex said to the bar tender as he sat down, Raptor only needing to curl her tail, stand upright, and bend her knees slightly to appear as through she were sitting right next to him.
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