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Kadis had his feet up on a table in the bar casually. He was reasonably well known as a mercenary, so it usually was that all he had to do was sit down before someone came up to him, tears streaming down their face begging him to carve their husband's hands off for cheating on her or deal with a score of orcish raiders or some other pointless and low-paying job. Normally, he blew them off. But in this case, he would have gladly welcomed any of them, he was about out of coin and his company had been massacred during their last engagement.

In fact, he was the only remaining member of it, as far as he knew.

A centaur walked into the bar. He cocked an eyebrow. It wasn't a new sight for him, but they were rare enough that the beast was worth keeping an eye on. Well, when his eyes weren't preoccupied elsewhere, that is.

A buxom wench sidled up to him. "Another round, Sir Rethan?"

He restrained the laugh that welled up inside him at the title, and smiled. "Yes, my lady, very much so." Too bad I don't have the coin to properly finish the night. He shook his head as she headed to refill his tankard. If tonight kept going this badly, he'd need to actually consult the rock bottom of mercenaries, the Help Wanted boards. Kadis shuddered at that thought. Hopefully, somebody would be looking for some help here, and he had a reputation for getting it done.
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