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It took Cain several minutes to finally wake up from his table at the far end of the tavern. Something Cain learned over the 2 years since his death was he could manipulate human form. Though flimsy and tedious he could take on the appearance of a human male magically. Though what he normally did nowadays was sleep in Taverns or get drunk and pass out.

When he awoke he was surprised. Mostly because he wasn't lying in a back alley or on his face as usual. He looked around and stood up. His old longsword was still buckled to his belt as it had been. He rarely used it, it was mostly for show.

Cain shook his head slightly and looked around. The tavern was a dead sight. Only a few patrons were sitting at tables. But the table nearest to the door was what caught his eye. Standing at the table was a centaur. Cain only saw a centaur once before and he doubted he knew what he was looking at. Cain walked up to the nearby bar counter and waited for a bartender to show up. Once he did he asked for a simple ale and drank it down in a few short gulps. He began to wonder if it would be a long day or not.

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