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The Centaur watched first at the familiar face approaching and his crystal clear blue eyes pierced the man's face easily. A slight smile danced on the lips of Skarra and it continued still after the man had sat down.
"Radek. I heard you had become a wanderer, but you're more terrible of a sight than I feared to imagine" Skarra noted in a booming voice normal to Centaurs, the smile noting that he was only jesting with the man. Before the Centaur could continue, however, another voice interrupted him. His head turned to see the one responsible of this and the smile had vanished as soon as it had appeared. It was not a judging look, but an annoyed one nonetheless.

"The business of a Centaur is the business of a Centaur" his booming voice answered, but a smile nonetheless found it's way to his face after this. Skarra had the tendency to spook everyone who came to speak with him without introductions or at least an exchange of hellos.
"But if you must know, I am looking for a job. Hopefully one that will take me as near to Port Jasper as it can without making detours"

"Then you are in luck, my friend" another voice told from the door. The rugged dwarf that had only minutes ago interrupted a children's story was now there by the tavern door. The tavern had been his next target for adventurers and the lot here seemed like one that had hopes for jobs. For easy and well paying jobs.
"I'll be leaving this evening with my cart from the north gate. If any of you want a well paying job in escorting my cargo, come there before the sun is fully behind the horizon" the dwarf shouted, jumping on the bar and then leaving from the tavern as the bartender approached with a broom.
"Remember! North gate at sunset!" the dwarf still screamed as the bartender chased him out of the tavern.

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