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Post Too much realism?

I have noticed that a lot of threads are discussing possible additions to the game to make it more realistic.
But is too much of this a bad thing?
I know it is an improvement for Kyle to have limited weapon-carrying capacity, but some things have gone too far.
While I appreciate realism and all the 'brilliance' it entails, I think that some really far-out weapons and aliens would make JK2 stand out from the rest of the FPS barrage.
After all, in Ep4, in the Mos Eisley cantina, we see two of the same species sitting at a table. One has distinctly alien hands, the other has very human-like hands. If George Lucas can allow a little unrealism into his creation, surely LucasArts and Raven can.

BTW, an interesting JK quirk. Finish a level while holding down F to use force lightning. Anytime you recharge mana now, you will throw lightning.

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